Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This last week, baby Zeke began to smile!  I wish I could properly describe the joy that wells up in my deepest heart when I put my face into his line of sight, say a little something to him, and am rewarded with a tiny little grin. I thank God for creating this little baby's soul.

Some moms talk about falling in love with their babies the moment they feel the first kick or when they are first able to see their newborn.  For me, it's when I see them smile.  At that moment, they become more than a "task" of feed, burp, change, soothe, repeat; at that moment, I am able to see into their hearts and I fall in love.

Zeke's got an easy smile, too.  It seems to show up more and more often each day.  I begin to think about all the ways that God will use that smile as Zeke grows to be His child.  I wonder if he'll like to make people laugh like his daddy and brother do.  I wonder if he'll have a positive outlook on life.  I wonder who his friends will be and whether or not that smile will attract others to himself like it has me.

I wonder why babies aren't born with the ability to smile (socially, that is).  God surely designed it that way with a purpose.  Perhaps it is to give us a glimpse into his patient heart.  He is ever patient with us.  He provides for us in every way, even when all we do is selfishly take from him.  He needs no positive reinforcement to continue his work of drawing us ever closer to him.  He is always there, always willing, always loving.  I only had to wait seven weeks to experience the joy of love returned; God is willing to work an entire lifetime before experiencing such reward. Truly, we have a God whose love is selfless, pursuing, and enduring.

I pray that my boys' souls will be ever smiling before their Father's loving face.