Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Four weeks ago, we had the privilege of introducing another member to our family.

Simon's first day


He is amazing and perfectly perfect. He begun as God's idea, not ours (my love and I were quite happy with our two boys). God blessed our obedience to his will with an uneventful and fairly easy pregnancy and delivery. And now we are quite happy with our three boys.

We have been counting our blessings as we are adjusting to this new life. We are surrounded by the love and care of our church family, who have showered us with gifts, meals and kindness beyond our imagination. The outpouring of generosity has helped us in unspeakable ways as we transition to the new demands of having an infant in the house again.

The heart swells at different times when there's a newborn in your house. For me, my "falling in love" has been unique for each boy. With my first born, it came around week six, when he began responding to my interactions with him. With my second born, it was after he had been home for about a week. With Simon, my mom-heart loved him the moment I held him in my arms and witnessed his first breath.

But a few nights ago, I fell deeper. 

Simon's dark little eyes, which are now able to see much more than they could a few weeks ago, were focused on his big brother, Noah. We were all sitting together on the couch, reading our Bible storybook. Simon focused in on Noah's face and kept that focus, unwavering, for a few minutes. It was like he was taking time to memorize every single feature on his big brother's face.

That moment was made even more precious by the fact that this interaction took place on my oldest brother's birthday. Here is this new baby, a new soul, who is soaking up his environment, studying the face of his oldest brother--someone he will look up to and have a relationship with for many years to come. There will be a bond between them that is like none other. I thought about my special relationship with my oldest brother.

And my heart swelled with the thought of the special relationship these two will share.

Noah holds Simon for the first time

Who has done such mighty deeds,
    summoning each new generation from the beginning of time?
It is I, the Lord, the First and the Last.

    I alone am he.
Isaiah 41:2