Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Count Down

Dave and I count down with our boys.  I'm not talking about the "10...9...8......BLASTOFF!" variety here, although we certainly do plenty of that.  I'm talking about the "Either you can obey or [fill in the blank] will happen in 5...4...3...2...1" variety.  It's not something we necessarily saw ourselves doing (every parent has the dream that their child will obey immediately without ulterior motivations, right?), but it's been effective at getting our point across.  

If you start counting for this one, he typically gets the job done by Four, Two at the latest.

If you start counting for this one, he stares at the floor for the first four-and-a-half seconds and then tries to sly his way in before the deadline.  I'd say he's got about a 50 % completion rate.  

Neither of them like the consequence that occurs once they are caught in disobedience. Both are moved to action.  But one chooses the quick, safe route.  The other chooses the evasive, risky route.

I love the differences between these two boys.  It is a wonderful gift to get to know two people from birth in such an intimate way--to be able to see how they are formed uniquely, inside and out, from the moment they take their first breath.  Their differences are challenging and entertaining and amazing.  The "differentness" of my second born has broadened my perspective of the "differentness" of my first born.  

And they help me see myself differently and more completely.

I look at their reaction to a countdown, and I wonder how I treat "countdowns" that God gives me.  God is patient, generous and merciful beyond understanding; he is also just and righteous beyond understanding.  So, on a daily basis, he puts the option of obedience or disobedience before me.  Do I eagerly jump on the opportunity to do what I know is right and pleasing?  Or do I test him, to see how slowly he will count or to see how many second chances he will give?

Lord, help me to be an example for your little ones what it means to be quick to obey.

Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it. Luke 11:28