Saturday, July 7, 2012


He who watches over you will not slumber. Psalm 121:3

Noah's first day in a bassinet

Tonight, I had the privilege of watching Noah while he slept.  He was feeling a little sick earlier in the evening, so my husband requested that I check in on him when I got home from work, which was quite late.  I normally forbid myself from checking in on the little guy while he's sleeping, knowing that most of the time it would be for my sake (not his) and, of course, I would never want to wake a sleeping baby (or toddler, for that matter).  

This evening, I went in quietly, put my hand to his forehead, cheeks and arms, and then sat back.  He didn't feel warm to me, which was great.  And he didn't stir after I touched him--also great.  It provided me with the opportunity to just sit there in the silence, and watch.  I. Loved. It.  What an amazing thing to watch one you love sleep, to dote on them without their knowing, and to see their every twitch as they are oblivious to the world around them.

While I sat there and marveled that he continued to sleep, I was hit with the realization of how much I love that little one, and how much I desire to be a better mom to him than I am.  I felt at once insufficient for the task of motherhood and at the same time comforted by the fact that God willingly and knowingly placed Noah into my life so that I would do just that: be his parent.

Noah's first day in a toddler bed
Then I thought about God, and how he is ever watchful over us, even while we sleep.  What an image, to think that he watches like a doting parent, fascinated by every twitch, overwhelmed by the love he has for his child!  I could not help but silently say the praises of him who has a heart for us, that he would care for us even as we sleep.

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