Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Saying Yes to something means that you're saying No to everything else."

This statement came across "my desk" multiple times this week, from multiple sources. Interesting how that happens, eh?

I suppose the opposite might also be true: "Saying No to something means that you're saying Yes to something else."

I say No often.  
"No, you may not have another vitamin." 
"No, you may not jump on the bed." 
"No! We don't use our hands to hit." 
"No, no screen time this morning." 
"No, I'm making dinner right now."

I sometimes get tired of hearing my own voice...

But I know that these No's are good and beneficial to my boys.  In fact, by saying them, I am saying Yes to something else.
"Yes, I care more about your long-term health than your short-term taste buds."
"Yes, I find it important that you learn boundaries."
"Yes, I desire that you use your abilities to help instead of hurt."
"Yes, I want to help your brain develop in a way that is pleasing to your Father."
"Yes, I am doing work that will benefit you."

How can I go about teaching them the purpose behind my No's? I am chuckling as I envision their reactions if I would try to rephrase all of my No's with my Yes's. Our household conversations would begin to sound like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.  But perhaps I can begin to rephrase a few, in the right moments, so as to give those boys a bigger picture of my love for them and my role as their mom.

Speaking of a bigger picture, God has been working this week to teach me a bit about his No's, and how they are really Yes's from his perspective. 
No, I don't want you to be selfish right now, but Yes, I want you to lean deeper on my selfless love.
No, I don't want you spending time on that, but Yes, I do want you to spend time with Me.
No, you won't get money for that, but Yes, you will get a greater reward.
No, you won't understand, but Yes, you will grow.

Understanding the purpose behind the No's makes them a little sweeter. 

Tell me No again, Lord. I'd love to see what your Yes is.

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